Kampala uganda esmo is that the rate structure fails

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Unformatted text preview: ts operations accumulate losses. Despite commerce and services being the two major sectors of the City, the revenue from public markets have failed to generate a surplus. This is largely due to noncomprehensive and inconsistent assessment, collection and management of the market fees structure for different market sites in the City. The City Government needs to market fee structure and reduce arbitrariness in its implementation. justify its 6. CONCLUSIONS This chapter concludes by briefly summarizing the key findings and recommendations for improving revenue generation for Olongapo City. It also highlights some key issues of fiscal decentralization that play out in the study at the local and national level. I conclude the chapter by posing a number of research questions that need to be answered in order to prepare more comprehensive and conclusive local tax reform recommendations. Main Findings From the existing economic sector and tax base, business tax and property tax will remain major sources of tax revenue for Olongapo City. Increasing revenues w...
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