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Long term simprovg information and dataunder

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Unformatted text preview: and sources of information. The city could utilize the existing sources, such as the zonal values of real property used by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, and professionals and real estate agents. The efforts could be combined with training of public inspectors who can make informed judgments on the information from different sources. They can also be trained to use better but appropriately simple models of assessment. Record processing can be improved through computerization, which would also require staff training so as to be more productive. * Simplfying the System: Reassessments and re-evaluations could be carried out regularly and on time. Given time, resource and political constraints, a reasonable indexing system can be adopted to incorporate inflationary effects between evaluations. The overall valuation system could be simplified, for example by adopting a mass appraisal system. In Brazil scarcity of skills and inaccessibility of market data was overcome by simplifying valuation methods, central assistance and use...
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