Loss of activity in jgm after the base withdrew

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Unformatted text preview: g Council adopted new rates for EBB market, 500% higher than the earlier rate and 6 5 % higher than James Gordon stall fees (Table 5.1). Though new rates are required for the public markets, there is little rational explanation for the current rate structure of different markets in the City. Furthermore, the rates are not structured to account for the effects of inflation. A second major reason for low collection of market fees is poor record keeping and records management. Market administration and collection is decentralized, whereby the collectors and inspectors function from on site and report to the treasurer. Although decentralized administration is suitable for a market system, it requires an efficient record keeping and management system that has not been developed for Olongapo public markets. The organization and handling of records and the procedures for updating are not adequate. Record keeping is manual and collection targets are unknown. A card is kept for each stallholder where the daily or the monthly collections are noted. At the end of...
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