Needless to say the role of the local units has been

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Unformatted text preview: local units has been substantially enlarged from their earlier responsibilities of providing city roads & drainage, operation of public markets, and collection of garbage. As mentioned earlier the Code provides the local units fiscal autonomy to make revenue and expenditure decisions to undertake the above devolved services. In case such services are not made available or are inadequate to meet the requirements of its inhabitants, the Mayor can request the national government or the next higher level of local government unit to provide or augment the basic services and facilities assigned to the local government unit9 . The local governments have been given the autonomy over decisions on service delivery and service 9 Decentralization often creates vertical and horizontal imbalances. In order to deal with the imbalance, the central government assists the lower local units by providing transfers or grants either directly or through a central agency. The disadvantage is that grants may create a disincentive for the local units to tap their own sources of revenue. For detailed discussion pleas...
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