Revenue Generation

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Unformatted text preview: text and negative growth rate make it somewhat an atypical case of an intermediate size city, yet the issues of fiscal management under the Philippines 1991 LGC are not unique to the Local Government of Olongapo. Even with its various limitations, the fieldwork provides reasonable amount of information and perspective on the working and fiscal condition of the LGU. Besides the data collected on the field, other sources were used to understand the history of the city and the role of Local Government before the implementation of the 1991 LGC. 1.3 Structure The paper is structured in the following manner. After the introduction, I briefly lay out the context of the study in Chapter two. Chapter three is an introduction to the case of 6 Planning council is the legislative branch of a local government, which is elected by its constituency and has the Vice-Mayor as its presiding officer. Olongapo City. It introduces the city and describes the fiscal position and growth of major sources of revenue for the City since the inception of 1991 LGC. Chapter four gives an indepth...
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