Public enterprises examined included the public

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Unformatted text preview: mined included the Public Utilities Department (PUD), Environment and Sanitation Management Office (ESMO) and Public Markets. Hospitals and slaughterhouses were left out due to time constraints. Data were gathered from various departments in the City Hall. Secondary information included gathering city ordinances on enactment of taxes and user charges. Ordinances enacted for the establishment and running of public enterprises were also studied to understand the role of various administrators. An overview of the functions undertaken by the Local Government was gathered from the annual accomplishment reports of the city. A major part of the revenue analysis is based on information gathered from the Budget Department on city budgets and budgets of the various economic enterprises. Data were also collected from individual departments on assessment and estimation of tax base, number of users accounted for, number of delinquents and defaulters. In the absence of more adequate and reliable data and documents, much of the information was assembled by interacting with the department heads and the officers. Interviews and discuss...
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