Record keeping is manual and collection targets are

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Unformatted text preview: each month the treasurer is given a summary of the total amount of fees collected. There is no estimation of the number of delinquent owners or the amount of money owed to the city. The only information on the delinquent stall owners is on the cards. Table 5.1 Monthly Stall Market Fees East Bajac-Bajac Market Rent James Gordon Market Rent Type of Stall Position Dry Good Fish Previous Rate (1991) Regular Front stall front corner Inside corner Regular Front stall front corner Inside corner 236 315 315 267 79 New Rate (1997) Rate 1991/1997 600 690 720 660 457 526 548 503 750 750 750 750 300 300 300 300 Source: Olongapo City Market Ordinance 5.3.2 Recommendations e RationalBasisfor setting Stall Rents: The local government could reassess its fee structure and market policy from a broader perspective to justify disparities among the market rents and reflect market activity. The setting of rental rates should be based on a rational need for covering capital and operations cost. It should also account for inflation or carry out frequent adjustments. T...
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