Tapales et al eds 1999 local government in the

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Unformatted text preview: ila, Philippines: Philippine Government Report & Documents 1988 Annual Financial Reports of Local Government (Provinces, Cities and Municipalities) Vol. III, Local Government Audit Office, Commission Audits 1994 Family Income and Expenditure Survey, Integrated Survey of Household, Series No. 80. Manila: National Statistics Office 1995 Census of Population & Housing: Socio Economic and Demographic Characteristics, Olongapo City (1997) Report no. 2-70C. Manila: National Statistics Office City Development Strategy of Olongapo (1999) Report presented to the World Bank, Olongapo: Olongapo City Olongapo City Ordinances for Markets and RPTA 1991-1998 Philippines Power Merger Studies of Olongapo City and SBMA, (1996), World Bank Technical Report The World Bank. Entering the 21st Century: World Development Report 1999/2000, http://www.worldbank.org/wdr/ 2000/overview.html, December 1999. (I) The World Bank. "Global Urban and Local Government Strategy," http://www.worldbank.org/html/fpd/urban/strategy/urb-str.htm, December 1999. (II) The World Bank. "Philippines at a Glance", http://www.worldbank.org/data/countrydata/ countrydata.html, December 1999. (III) The World Bank. Urban Development Strategy and City Assistance Program in South East Asia (China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam), Inception Report, Prepared by Pacific Consultants Int., ALMEC Corp., Nikken Sekkei Ltd., March 1999....
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