The night market is operational only in the evenings

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Unformatted text preview: fixes the schedule of rates. In EBB stall fees are structured on a monthly basis according to the type of commodity sold and position of the stall while in the other two markets the rates are structured on a daily basis dependent on the type of commodity and not the stall position (Table 5.1). There is a 20 percent penalty on unpaid monthly rental. 5.3.1 Problems of Cost Recovery and Financing A key issue of the public markets concerns the assessment of stall rents. The rate structure prevailing during the occupation of the base has continued after the base was closed. While the base was operating, JGM had a high economic turnover compared to EBB. Not only did JGM attract customers from the base, but it was also located in a high activity zone, whereas EBB market was a local run-down market and less popular. The schedules were set on the basis of turnover derived from each market. Loss of activity in JGM after the base withdrew, renovation of EBB and the existing lower rates in EBB led to concentration of activity in EBB. In 1997 the Plannin...
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