The collection rate for property tax is as low as 25

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Unformatted text preview: al gross income to be taxed cannot be estimated. If the city can increase its collection rate to 60 percent, which is the average for RPT in Philippines, the city would realize a 60 percent increase in its actual collections. The need to augment business tax assessment for Olongapo, which is a trade center cannot be stressed enough to realize the City's tax potential. In light of limited resources and expertise, it is suggested that the City co-ordinate its activities and collaborate with the appropriate national offices to improve assessment, and with the barangays to increase tax base coverage and to process delinquent owners swiftly in order to increase tax revenues. In the long run the City should assess implementation of Code and petition the Decentralization Commission for required change that would improve its performance. 5. REVENUE GENERATION VIA PUBLIC ENTERPRISES The City of Olongapo runs three public enterprises: the Public Utilities Department (PUD), which distributes the city's electricity; the Environment and Sanitation Management Office (ESMO), which collects the city's garbage; and the city Public Markets. Underlying public enterprise is the concept of cost recovery although, as mentioned earlier the enterprises in Olongapo have faced sizeable defic...
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