The main objective is to evaluate the performance of

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Unformatted text preview: to evaluate the performance of different key sources of revenues, identify the problems associated with valuation of the revenue base and the collection of revenue, and suggest recommendations that would improve the fiscal and administrative performance of the Local Government and render revenue generation more efficient and predictable. The paper highlights issues to be considered under fiscal decentralization policy and constraints on the design and the implementation of revenue mobilization mechanisms. It also provides recommendations for improving local government tax administration and collection for Olongapo City. Although the analysis and the recommendations deal with a specific case, some general conclusions can be drawn from the exercise. 1.2 Methodology To define the problem, I focused on the discussions of the local officers and the participants in the CDS workshops. Olongapo City, like other cities in the Philippines is orienting itself to its decentralized roles and responsibilities defined under the 1991 LGC. A key objective of the...
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