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The setting of rental rates should be based on a

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Unformatted text preview: he City should resolve the issues through a process that involves all stakeholders, stallholders, vendors and public. e Records Management. Record keeping and the reporting should be improved for the purpose of better management and budgeting. In a number of cities in Philippines as well as in other developing regions, markets have generated profits for the local governments, particularly in a highly urbanized market city like Olongapo. It is suggested that the City look into a public-private partnership for the management of public markets and involve the business interests to participate in the internal decision making process of the markets. In a public market case in Uganda, a public-private partnership improved service delivery and increased its income from markets by 250 percent". 5.4 Conclusion Cost recovery is a major concern of the City's public enterprises. Although public enterprises should be self sufficient, more often than not in Olongapo, they have encountered deficits, which are financed through the City' s general resources...
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