The treasurers office should identify and follow up

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Unformatted text preview: arangay Treasurers:Barangay assistance for dispersal of bills and collection should be integrated in the existing system. At the moment it tends to be ad hoc. The treasurer needs to make an effort to incorporate their aid and provide them incentives to participate. Billing delays can be reduced and enforcement mechanisms utilized more effectively under co-ordination with the barangays. Barangays can use moral suasion whereby names of delinquents can be posted outside the Barangay hall. * StrategicManagement: Staff and time resources could be managed more effectively. In this respect following up with a few major delinquent owners dispersed in different neighborhoods can set an example for the rest of the community. For example, in Indonesia under time, manpower and budget constraints, scarce resources were concentrated on higher value properties. In case of Indonesia it was estimated that 2 2 percent of the properties accounted for 64 percent of the urban property revenue o. This example a...
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