Third valuation and assessments of tax bases should

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Unformatted text preview: power and budget resources required to carry out extensive assessments by simplifying the assessment procedures and by utilizing all possible existing resources. For example, real estate and agents and central zonal values can be used for assessing property taxes, while gross receipts for the business tax can be assessed in collaboration with the BIR. Fourth, the City could switch where possible to service fee structures that are rational and buoyant. Current fixed fee structures, which fail to account for certain basic inputs, capital depreciation, and inflation, cannot be expected to cover costs. Even if full cost recovery is not the objective, clearly defined assessments are essential for transparency and accountability of the services. Better fee performance would also assist in overall budget management since enterprise deficits are currently underwritten by the general fund. Fifth, the City should consider devising performance indicators for itself. It could target revenue collections based on calculated and well-estimated tax bases. The departments...
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