Revenue Generation

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Unformatted text preview: d on assessment of the revenue potential of the local government tax base, specifically with respect to revenue potential for property tax and business tax. The analysis that the expected yield from the present base is not realized because of low collection efficiency should be extended to find out how the present tax and rate structure relates to the revenue potential of the City. In order for the Local Government to make informed decisions, studies should be developed on the implications of using different tax mixes and rates. Secondly, fiscal analysis is incomplete without the assessment of local government expenditure requirements. Revenue reforms are essential, but an assessment of revenue requirements must be matched to expenditure needs of the Local Government. The 1991 LGC has identified areas of expenditure for the Local Government, but at the local level little is done to budget or cost the assigned responsibilities. A number of assigned functions have never ever been undertaken at the local level. Finally, a key research task is to determine and collect the data and information required for tr...
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