To meet the increasing local government functions and

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Unformatted text preview: revenue system that generates in a fair and efficient manner the revenue required to serve its local population. In general, the study emphasizes the need to develop good financial management practices at the local level. It also highlights the need to focus on improving budgeting process, management processes and institutional capacity at the local level for effective fiscal decentralization. This would help achieve better performance and accountability at the local level. Further Research The study identified problems and suggested improvements in the revenue mobilization system for the Local Government of Olongapo City. For an overall assessment of fiscal performance, further research efforts are need in the following areas: assessment of revenue potential, assessment of the Local Government expenditure requirements, and determination of data and information required for tracking and monitoring local government fiscal performance and service outcomes. This analysis of revenue mobilization in the context of fiscal decentralization has primarily focussed on sources and mechanisms of revenue generation. Further analysis is require...
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