Topographically the city is located along a river

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Unformatted text preview: y the city is located along a river delta, surrounded by rolling to steep mountains, separated from the bay by the base. The city has 17 barangays covering an area of 18,500 hectares. It is a highly urbanized city with 13 percent of its builtup land distributed among the 17 barangays and the remaining land classified as forest reserve. Historically, the city grew as a service center for the American naval base. The town, which was originally a part of the base, was relocated in 1950's along with its population to the current location under the central government administration. The town elected its first Figure 3.1 Map: Subic Bay Area Souurce: City Development Strategy for Olongapo, (1999) Report prepared for the World Bank Mayor in 1963, and soon after gained the status of a city. Its past and present links to the base have had both positive, as well as negative effects on the economy and the culture of the city and on its inhabitants. The city has worked hard at transforming its tarnished image as a night entertainment center for the base to a decent and efficient service and market center for the region. Limited in natura...
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