E rates decrease with increase in gross receipts 1

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Unformatted text preview: s Martinez, City Accountant Oscar Augustine, City Assessor Domingo Antolin Business Tax Department Cecelia Buenafe, Buisnes Tax Department Anselmo Santos, City Treasurer Attorney Carmela Bargado, General Manager, PUD Ariel B. Napalan, Divison Chief, PUD Dante Ramos, Manager, ESMO Pierre Ordona, Market Superintendent Dr. Pacita Encina-Alcantar, City Health Department Erlinda Crispin, Chairperson, Chamber of Commerce, Olongapo City Rosendo Manalang, Internal Revenue, Zambales Provincial Office Richelda De Silva, Department of Trade & Industry, Zambales Provincial Office Graham J. Fairclough, Director, Subic Water & Sewerage Co. Inc Manila Prof. Rosario Manasan, Philippines Institute of Development of Studies Dr. Sosmena, Director, LOGODEF Dr.. Erlito Paido, Ministry of Finance Connie Tabuzo, Bureau of Local Government Finance Joy Abelardo, American Consulting Engineers Council BIBLIOGRAPHY Bahl, R. & Miller, B. (Eds.) (1983), Local Government Finance in the Third World, Case Study of the Ph...
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