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Outline #1 - Guatemala They developed a writing system and...

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American Survey: Outline #1 I. Historical themes a. Social History A. The way people have arranged themselves in society i.e. gender, class b. Political history A. Competition and struggle for control in society c. Economic History A. Human activity motivated by survival and fiscal advance d. Cultural History A. The way a society expresses its self i.e. art, literature, architecture II. Indian Empires a. Aztecs (1350-1520) A. Population of 10 million. They were a military society, had advanced religion, and a sophisticated military. Spanish invasion led to the end of the empire. b. Mayan (300-900) A. Population of 8 million. They lived mostly in El Salvador and
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Unformatted text preview: Guatemala. They developed a writing system, and built architecture. c. Incan (1400-1533) A. Population of 12 million. Lived in region from Ecuador to Chile. Advanced military, trade, agricultural society, and discovered medicines. Highly sophisticated people. III. Consequences of European contact with Native Americans a. Spread of diseases A. Small pox, measles, typhoid b. Technology A. Weapons, ships c. Economic Exchange A. Fur trade d. Religious Change A. Europeans tried to convert natives to Christianity Major groups of people during this time- Euro-Americans- Native-Americans- African-Americans...
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