Bank of Canada Week 8

5 foreign debt grows bank of canada act to regulate

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Unformatted text preview: erous business transacIons. At the end of the day, depending on the day’s acIvity, they may end up with a surplus or a deficit. •  Banks with surpluses lend to those that have deficits. •  The Bank of Canada sets this target once a month, with a +/- difference of 0.25%. Overnight Interest Rate •  The Overnight Rate is directly Ied to the liquidity of the economy; i.e. the more money available in the economy, the lower the rate is. •  Liquidity is the access to cash or credit. •  The Overnight Rate ends up affecIng the enIre spectrum of interest rates: –  The lowered overnight rate increases the demand for credit. –  Banks give out more credit. –  The reverse is also true. Increasing Credit Levels •  The more credit av...
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