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Unformatted text preview: de and Commerce faces conven=on of Retail Shoe Merchants in January 1934 •  Popular minister in the R. B. Bennec’s Conserva=ve government in the depression •  Feeling the pressure from Canadian voters, who were “among the hardest hit in the world from the depression” Fall 2012 Jim Love ADMS 1010 16 H. H. Stevens I am a Conserva=ve in poli=cs, in business and in my general outlook. I believe very strongly in private property rights and individual ini=a=ve – which I consider the best method of handling the business of a na=on. At the same =me I realize that greed, selfishness and avarice cannot rear a state, and that other delinquencies, common to human nature, will creep into any system… I challenge the businessmen of this country to face some of the evils that have developed like a canker. I warn them that unless they are destroyed, they will destroy the system. Fall 2012 Jim Love ADMS 1010 17 Michael Porter: Rethinking Capitalism the Next Major Business Transformation By Sean Silverthorne | December 21, 2010 The short term thinking in business today… “How else could companies overlook the well-being of their customers, the depletion of natural resources vital to their businesses, the viability of key suppliers, or the economic distress of the communities in which they produce and sell? How else could companies think that simply shifting activities to locations with ever lower wages was a sustainable ’solution’ to competitive challenges? Government and civil society have often exacerbated the problem by attempting to address social weaknesses at the expense of business. The presumed trade-offs between economic efficiency and social progress have been institutionalized in decades of policy choices.” Fall 2012 Jim Love ADMS 1010 18 H. H. Stevens •  Cri=que of department stores in par=cular •  Called on the audience to denou...
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