The CNR- Creating a Crown Corporation

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Unformatted text preview: have may have saved capitalism.” Time Magazine 13 Crown Corpora*ons “Frees an enterprise from the inefficiencies of opera*ng like a government department” •  1906 Ontario Hydro (Sir Adam Beck) •  Prairie Provinces move in telephone business •  Canadian Na*onal Railway – between 1917 and 1923 14 More Crown Corpora*ons •  •  •  •  Canadian Wheat Board – 1930’s Canadian Broadcas*ng Corpora*on – 1937 Trans- Canada Airlines (subsidiary of CNR) C. D. Howe – Minister of Muni*ons and in charge of Canada’s war effort –  Enlisted Woodward, Scom (Ross and Sons), E. P. Taylor (Argus) as “dollar a year” men –  Created a host of crown corpora*ons to maintain produc*on during the war –...
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