The CNR- Creating a Crown Corporation

Amempts to encourage a second naonal railway

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Unformatted text preview: 1944 to 47 are the “heyday” of crown corpora*ons 15 Government Expenditures •  Government moves into areas formerly reserved for the private sector •  Government expenditures grow from about 10 percent of GDP at beginning of century to 25 percent in mid- century •  Now, we’re number 43 in the world with about 48.5 percent. US is number 144 with about 19.9 percent 16 Social Safety Net •  Workmen’s Compensa*on Ontario 1914 •  Unemployment Insurance 1940 •  Hospital care in Saskatchewan in 1946 and Alberta in 1950 •  CMHC in 1954 •  Hospital care extends across the country in 1957 •  Saskatchewan Health Care in 1961 •  Na*onal Universal Health Care in 1966 17 Irra*onal Exuberance? •  By 1990 – 38 cents of every tax dollar was spent paying interest on governme...
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