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The CNR- Creating a Crown Corporation

But think about it by 1930 while their global sales

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Unformatted text preview: ment that followed. I say that because I believe it is important to be strong in your home market, i.e. North America north of the Rio Grande, before trying to conquer the rest of the world. Massey clearly developed an interna*onal organiza*on and reputa*on. But think about it by 1930 while their global sales were large they were a midget in the US market – 6th in size 3% the size of IH and even in Canada IH sales were twice Massey’s. It’s demise in the tough market of the 1980s was pre- ordained. Public Policy – Protec*ve Tariff – a big deal 3 Stern Diamond Vibrant entrepre- neurship Sophis*- cated managerial capabili*es Resources- natural, technological, human Effec*ve financial systems Enabling...
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