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Outline #4 - Taxes on the purchase of stamps d Quartering...

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American Survey: Outline #4 I. Policy of Salutary Neglect a. In 1714, Walpole suggested to parliament that salutary (healthy) neglect become a policy II. The Great War for Empire 1756-1763 a. Britain vs. France in a world war b. Britain wins, colonists are happy c. The significant consequence of the war i. Changes the policy of salutary neglect III. Initial British Reform Measures 1763-1765 a. Enforce existing navigation laws i. Revenue act in which officials made sure colonists complied to b. Britain deployed a standing army of about 10,000 troops c. Lord Bute, raises taxes on American tobacco and sugar IV. Reform Measures under George Grenville (who succeeded Bute) a. He institutes the Sugar Act in 1764 b. Vice-admiralty court i. Enforces laws with just a judge (no jury). The cases were allowed to be sent over to Britain c. The Stamp Act i.
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Unformatted text preview: Taxes on the purchase of stamps d. Quartering Act i. Mandated that colonists house and feed British soldiers V. Colonists Respond a. Stamp Act Congress i. Leaders in colonies meet in NYC in Oct. 1765. They ask parliament to reconsider the laws b. Riots i. Harass Whigs and tax collectors. Threaten and burn buildings. c. Boycotts i. Boycotted cloth, tea ii. The Daughters of Liberty became a powerful force in boycotting VI. British Counter Response a. In the Compromise of 1766, Lord Rockingham favors a return to salutary neglect. He repealed the Stamp Act and ruled out any use of force. b. In order to appease hard liners he issued the Declaratory Act i. This act gave parliament full power and authority to make laws, statutes, and to bind the colonies in all cases whatsoever....
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