3pts show the net dipole moment on the molecule below

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Unformatted text preview: structure(s) for the molecule shown below: Formal charge on small boxes O N resonance structure(s), include formal charges as in the structure on the left D. 3pts. Show the net dipole moment on the molecule below: O N F. 6pts. Circle and label the functional groups other than alkane in the molecules below: HO O O O H H OH O N HO morphine Name:________________________________________________ aspirin 4 A. 8pts. The experimental internal ring angles of the bonding orbitals in cyclopropane are ~90˚, a value that is far from the desired 109.5˚ and bigger than the theoretical value of 60˚ for a flat triangle. In terms of orbital interactions and hybridization, explain why. B. 8 pts. Cyclopropane has the highest strain energy of all the unsubstituted cycloalkanes. Show the structural features, that complement the...
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