B 3pts explain c 3pts how many degrees

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Unformatted text preview: ____________________________ 1 A. 3pts. What kind of chemical bond is lithium more likely to form? B. 3pts. Explain: C. 3pts. How many degrees of unsaturation are there in C4H4? D. 6pts. Draw the constitutional isomers of C4H4 Name:________________________________________________ 2 (4pts each) Name the following compounds where the structure is provided, and draw the corresponding condensed line structure where the name is provided. A. B. 1,2-dichloro-4-ethyl-3-methylhexane C. D. 4-ethyl-2,2-dimethylhexane Name:________________________________________________ 3 A. 3pts. Fill in the missing lone ­pair valence electrons on the structure below. B. 3pts. Calculate the formal charge of the atoms indicated and write the answer on the boxes. C. 5pts. Draw the resonance...
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