Convert the newman projection below into the

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Unformatted text preview: orbital interaction arguments above, to demonstrate the source of torsional strain in cyclopropane. Name:________________________________________________ 5 A. Convert the Newman projection below into the corresponding chair confomation (6pts). Then, flip the ring to obtain the other chair conformation (6pts). Label the most stable chair conformer (3pts) and explain why (one or two sentences, 5pts). H H H H H Cl Cl Ring flip Cl Which one is more stable: Explain (1 or 2 sentences): Name:________________________________________________ 6 A. 3pts. Are the structures below (circle one, or more that apply): Constitutional isomers Stereoisomers Conformational isomers CH3 H3C CH3 NH2 H NH2 CO2H HO2C H HO2C H CH3 H H CH3 NH2 CH3 H H3C H H CH3 CO2H H2N H CH3 NH2 H CH3 CO2H B. 10pts. Circle the most stable conformation above, and explain why, in one or two sentences: Name:________________________________________________ 7...
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