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Unformatted text preview: inal answer should be written on the boxes provided. Structure Structure Name Name B. In the box below, draw and name all E ­ constitutional isomers of C4H7Cl. 3 Initials:________________________________________________ A. 20pts. α ­pinene is a natural product that can be extracted from pine trees and it is an important starting material in the synthesis of many other compounds. Interestingly, it reacts with HCl to produce the rearranged product 1. Pushing arrows, provide a reasonable mechanism that accounts for the formation of the main product (1). Also, provide a suitable explanation why compound 2 is not formed (1 or 2 sentences). NOT: !-pinene Main Product HCl H 1 Cl Cl 2 H 4 Initials:________________________________________________ B. 3pts each. CLEARLY fill in the reagent(s) and product(s) on the boxes provided below (use condensed line structures and molecular formulas and/or names of reagents). reagent(s) an alkane reagent(s) H2/Pd Br C l2...
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