Name each step label the ratelimiting step and use

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Unformatted text preview: reagent(s) Br 5 Initials:________________________________________________ A. 20 pts. Draw the mechanism for free ­radical monobromination of (3R) 3 methylhexane and explain the loss of optical activity in the product. Name each step, label the rate ­limiting step, and use arrows in the mechanism (include wedges and dashes where necessary). 6 Initials:________________________________________________ A. 15pts. Draw a free energy diagram for the rate ­limiting step of the reaction in the previous page (free ­radical bromination of (3R) ­3 ­methylhexane) to form only one product, keeping in mind that it’s an endothermic process to the intermediate(s). Label the reaction coordinate below (including reactants, the intermediate(s), ΔG‡, ΔGo, the transition state [TS]) and suggest a possible structure for the TS. Transition state structure: 7...
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