Draw such stereoisomer 1 2 6 menthol 3 5 4 oh one

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Unformatted text preview: The essential oil primarily responsible for the flavor and aroma of peppermint is the 1R, 2S, 5R ­stereoisomer of menthol. Draw such stereoisomer. 1 2 6 Menthol 3 5 4 OH One of the first substances used as an anaesthetic in medicine was chloroform (or trichloromethane). By 1950, halothane (CF3CHBrCl) was in common use, but by 1990 this had been replaced by more acceptable anaesthetics such as desfluorane (CF3CHFOCHF2). One reason for replacing halothane was that it is an organic compound that contains chlorine. Chlorine-containing organic compounds are thought to cause damage to the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere. Label and outline a mechanism for the reaction of chlorine with propane to form 1,2dichloropropa...
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