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American Survey: Outline #3 I. Factors contributing to the stabilization of Plymouth a. Climate i. The cold of the North East inhibited the spread of mosquito born illnesses. Virginia’s climate was brutal. b. Religious Discipline i. “The protestant work ethic”—work hard for satisfaction c. The Nuclear Family i. Built homes, towns, farmed. There was a greater sense of commitment within the family because there were children. d. Shared Enemy i. The corrupt church of England e. Native American Intervention i. Squanto, a Native American that spoke English, showed the settlers how to grow maize f. Mayflower Compact i. Asserted that the government’s power derives from the consent of the people. II. Bacon’s Rebellion a. What happened? i. In the summer of 1675, demand for tobacco decreased and supply increased.
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Nathanial Bacon, an indentured servant, is about to be freed but his owner will not give him land because there is a scarcity. He forms a small army of discontents and they invade Jamestown and burn it. They put governor Berkley in jail. The indentured servants wanted an expansionist policy in order to get more land. Bacon dies and Berkley is released from jail. Berkley hangs 23 rebels. b. Why did it happen? i. Land owners did not want competition from indentured servants. c. What is significant about Bacon’s Rebellion? i. Provides voting rights to the lower classes ii. Lowers taxes iii. The wealthy elite adopted an expansion policy against Native Americans iv. Bacon’s rebellion contributed to the emergence of chattel slavery in Chesapeake...
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