D cl o 2 cat hcl in h2o products 2 name

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Unformatted text preview: dashes and wedges where necessary. IBr / DCM A Product(s) 1. BD3 / THF 2. H2O2 NaOH/H2O B Product(s) C NBS / MeOH O Product(s) OOH 1. D Cl O 2. cat. HCl in H2O Product(s) 2 Name:________________________________________________ 3pts each box. Provide the reagents and/or the structure of the starting compound for the reactions below (solvents are not necessary). Draw dashes and wedges where necessary. A OH OH B C O H2 Pd/CaCO3 1. HCl 2. KOH 3. KMnO4 O KMnO4 O CO2H + bubbles D HIO4 H2O / THF O HC CHO 3 Name:________________________________________________ 18pts. The oxymercuration ­demercuration of...
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