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Outline #5 - economic retaliation(boycotting all British...

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American Survey: Outline #5 I. The Road to Rebellion 1771-1775 a. The Boston Massacre i. In March of 1770, a group of colonists anger British soldiers and they end up killing 5 people. b. The Boston Tea Party i. In 1773, tea arrived on the ship “The Dartmouth” in the Boston Harbor. Patriots break open 342 chests of British tea and dump them into the harbor. c. British Response to the Tea Party (intolerable acts) i. Issue a port bill 1. Closes Boston Harbor until the tea is paid for. ii. Issue a government act 1. Annuls the Massachusetts Charter and prohibits town meetings. iii. Issue a new quartering act 1. Required colonists to build additional housing on their property to house soldiers. iv. The Justice Act 1. Reinforces jury-free trials, some of which will be moved to Britain. d. America responds to Intolerable Acts i. Continental Congress meets in 1774 to discuss options e. First Continental Congress i. It passes a declaration of rights and grievances and they demand that the intolerable acts be repealed and want to begin a program of
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Unformatted text preview: economic retaliation (boycotting all British imports). f. Lexington/Concord i. General Gage ordered to march against rebels on April 18, 1775. He dispatched 700 troops to capture patriot leaders and supplies at Concord. At dawn on April 19 militia men meet the British at Lexington where 9 colonists were killed. British troops continue to Concord where they met 400 well prepared militia men. The British take the worst and they begin to retreat and the colonists follow them through the woods and shoot them. 73 British soldiers were dead, 174 were wounded and others were missing. 49 patriots were killed and 39 were wounded. II. The Declaration a. Separation was painful i. July 1, 1776, states consider independence b. Declaration was not the product of any single mind i. Jefferson wrote the draft and the congress edited and removed 25% of it. c. No one understood or realized at the time the historical significance would later be attached to it....
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Outline #5 - economic retaliation(boycotting all British...

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