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American Survey: Outline #2 I. The Four European Models a. England b. France c. Spain d. Dutch II. Comparing the Models a. Spain i. Dominate power, coercive force, had better weapons, forced native conversion to Catholicism, and forced labor of natives b. France i. Had more respect towards natives. Jesuits tried to convert Natives by persuasion, wanted to trade with natives. c. Dutch i. Colonized NY. Didn’t want to convert natives. Wanted economic advantage. Fought Indian Wars. From 1657-1664 there were 35 voyages from the Netherlands (all families). d. England i. Most English men settled in Jamestown, NY. In 1606 1,000,000 men arrived and by 1607 only 38 were left because they could not survive in the new area. In 1611 1,200 men arrived, but only half survived. The men were assisted by the Powhatan Confederacy,
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Unformatted text preview: which helped them grow tobacco and improve the economy. III. Imperialism defined a. The policy of expanding and maintaining an empire, subjugating territories and often establishing colonies. IV. Factors which incited Europe’s imperial designs a. Technological innovation and advancement i. Weapons, gunpowder, cannons, compass b. Geography of Western Europe i. Treaty Tordesilla 1. Pope divided the world in half and gave half to Spain and half to Portugal c. Decline of other world empires i. China becomes isolated ii. Mongol Empire declined d. Renaissance and Reformation i. Came with optimism. Planted, cultivated, and harvested, in order to survive. People wanted to make life better....
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