How to approach the database design question

In other words they represent the real primary key

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Unformatted text preview: is, identify the primary keys (try and avoid simply assigning an arbitrary primary key like “StoreID”. These kinds of keys are actually candidate keys. In other words, they represent the real primary key. For example, which table is better below? Left or right hand side? I think Left. 17. It is expected that you need to revise your design at least two or three times as you try to “fit” each piece of data into the various tables you have. So please do NOT use a pen (or go into the details too soon) as there will be lots of erasing (editing)! 18. I sincerely hope this document helps you do very well in the assignment. Good luck! Copyright © May 2007 – William Tan, Sauder School of Business Page 3 of 3...
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