How to approach the database design question

List them down somewhere first have i found an entity

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Unformatted text preview: ce fields to have in one of the tables (even if you cannot decide which table at this time). List them down somewhere first. Have I Found An Entity or An Attribute? 5. When you find these interesting data items, you must also decide: a. Is that item really just an attribute? OR… b. Is that item really an entity in a one-to-one relationship? 6. For example, if we are running a video library, would studio name (e.g. Paramount Studios, United Artists, Columbia Pictures, etc) be an attribute in the Movie table that stores movies by title (e.g. Sound of Music; on the left) OR 7. Would it be a table by itself called Studio (on the right)? Answer: If we need to track nothing else but the name of the studio, then it is j...
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