Moreover executing social responsibility is difficult

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Unformatted text preview: ethical custom. Moreover, executing “social responsibility” is difficult and executives don’t have the necessary knowledge in the various economic areas to efficiently spend other people— stockholders’, employees’, and customers’—money. Furthermore, being social is the same as imposing taxes, which reduces the returns on investment and is counter to the owners’ interests and thus violates the very foundation of the American political-economy: individual freedom. List 2 or 3 facts that the author uses to challenge the idea on the AGAINST or NEGATIVE side: The arguments against Friedman’s opinion are based on morality and social needs. They are not as convincing as his and are subjective as well. Nevertheless, Almeder argues that some corporate behavior is immoral and that defense of this immoral behavior imposes great costs on society. He also criticizes the advertising of cigarettes, the automobile marketing procedures and the profit-dri...
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