As noted above these are suggested minimum sample

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Unformatted text preview: uggested minimum sample sizes, and there may be quantitative factors used to determine the sample size to be used. D. Testing and Evaluating Results. The sample sizes in the table above are based on an expectation of no exceptions. If the testing performed discovers no exceptions. the auditor has achieved a high degree of confidence that the attribute/assertion is performed at an acceptable level. If there are observed exceptions, the auditor should investigate the nature and cause of the exceptions to determine whether the exceptions are immaterial or material compliance findings, significant deficiencies, or material weaknesses in internal control. It is not necessary to expand testing when exceptions are found. All exceptions must be reported. Refer to paragraph 1 -7C and chapter 2 for reporting requirements using this audit guide. In cases in which an exception is found, the auditor must determine whether the individual exception is material enough to include or is a compliance violation that must be included in the report. If it is determined that an exception is not material enough to report and is not a compliance issue that must be reported as a finding, the auditor may want to apply additional procedures to evaluate the magnitude of the exception. The auditor should consider whether the lack of an effective internal control constitutes a significant deficiency or a material weakness and document the basis for an unqualified opinion if a finding is determined to be a significant deficiency or material weakness. E. Work Paper Documentation...
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