Larger decentralized entities high number of findings

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Unformatted text preview: entities. High number of findings in the past. Significant deficiencies or material weaknesses in the past. Poor internal controls. Extremely high volume of activity in a particular compliance requirement. High project employee turnover in a particular area or department. If the initial sample does not include a particular attribute being tested. typically there would be a need to have additional items included in the sample to address just that specific attribute. 4/2011 Page 2 2000.04 REV-2 CHG-l0 Each compliance lest performed should be evaluated separately for purposes of determining sample size Judgment should be used to determine what tests are considered low risk and which are considered high risk. When making the determination of high or low risk, it will he important to understand the population. . C. Populations of 200 or Fewer Items. When performing compliance testing of populations of fewer than 200 items, the following guidance is provided. Generally examine at least (1) 20 items when the population being tested contains between I 00 and 1 99 items. (2) 10 items when the population being tested contains between 50 and 99 items, (3) 5 items when the population being tested contains between 20 and 49 items, and (4) Fewer than 5 items for smaller populations. As noted above, these are s...
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