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Unformatted text preview: a. 1997. Internal auditing and voluntary cooperation in firms: Cross cultural experiment. The Accounting Review 72 (July): 407–431. Kadous, K., J. Kennedy, and M. Peecher. 2001. Can accuracy goals reduce auditor objectivity? Working paper, University of Washington and University of Illinois. King, R., and R. Schwartz. 2000. An experimental investigation of auditors’ liability: Implications for social welfare and explorations of deviations from theoretical predictions. The Accounting Review (October): 429–451. Libby, R., R. Bloomfield, and M. Nelson. 2001. Experimental research in financial accounting. Accounting, Organizations, and Society (forthcoming). Matsumura, E., and R. Tucker. 1992. Fraud detection: A theoretical foundation. The Accounting Review 67 (October): 753–782. Mayhew, B., J. Schatzberg, and G. Sevcik. 2000. Entrepreneur choice of auditor and retained ownership in IPO markets: Experimental evidence. Working paper, University of Wisconsin–Madison. Palmrose, Z-V. 1994. The joint and several versus proportionate liability debate: An empirical investigation of audit-related litigation. Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance 1 (Fall): 53–7...
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