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Unformatted text preview: c laboratory research. Research in Experimental Economics 6: 239–292. Bazerman, M., K. Morgan, and G. Loewenstein. 1997. The impossibility of auditor independence. Sloan Management Review (Summer): 89–94. Berg, J., J. Dickhaut, and K. McCabe. 1995. Trust, reciprocity, and social history. Games and Economic Behavior 10 (July): 122–142. Bloomfield, R. 1995. Strategic dependence and inherent risk assessments. The Accounting Review 70 (January): 71–90. ———. 1997. Strategic dependence and the assessment of fraud risk: A laboratory study. The Accounting Review 72 (October): 517–538. Cooper, R., D. DeJong, R. Forsythe, and T. Ross. 1989. Communication in the battle of the sexes: Some experimental results. Rand Journal of Economics 20 (Winter): 568–587. Craswell, A., and J. Francis. 1999. Pricing initial audit engagements: A test of competing theories. The Accounting Review 74 (April): 201–216. Dawes, R., and R. Thaler. 1988. Anomalies: Cooperation. Journal of Economic Perspectives 2 (Summer): 187...
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