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Unformatted text preview: ; and the yes-puffery/strong group setting (YP/SG). These eight sessions produce 11 subjectpairs for each of the four settings, for a total of 44 pairs. I conduct each experimental session on networked personal computers with privacy maintained, except as noted below. The instructions, which are available upon request, do not use terms with real-world connotations, such as fraud or auditor. Rather, managers are referred to as ‘‘A’’ players, and auditors are referred to as ‘‘B’’ players. Haynes and Kachelmeier (1998) argue that context can affect the behavior of subjects in ways that are extraneous to the study’s theoretical predictions. All managers have special training several days prior to the actual experimental sessions, which helps them appreciate their strategic opportunities. During the training session, managers play both roles in a series of practice rounds and were informed of the strategic possibilities inherent in the game. The trained managers participated in mult...
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