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Unformatted text preview: .4¢ 10.3 6.9 1.36 3.83 Metro-Richelieu Inc. 1.9¢ 11.2 9.1 0.35 4.50 Empire Co. (Sobeys) Inc. (see note) 1.6¢ 11.0 2.9 2.14 5.65 Average 1.5¢ 10.7 5.6 0.98 4.31 Company Debt/ Equity Operating Margin/ Revenues Net Earnings/ Revenues (Excluding Cash) Sources: The Globe and Mail, “Report on Business”(July 1998) and Financial Post, “Investment Reports” (May 1998). Data on Canada Safeway, Overwaitea, and A&P are not available because they are nonpublic companies in Canada. Note: Empire Co. (Sobeys) Inc. data include large real estate and investment holdings in addition to grocery sales. Therefore, certain ratios like debt/equity are not comparable to other industry members. The current strength of Loblaw Companies contrasts with its position 25 years ago when Galen Weston assumed the chairmanship of the parent company, George Weston Limited (see Box 1). At that time, the company controlled the Loblaw retail chain in Ontario, which was underperforming, and had ownership interests in scattered retail and wholesale companies in Ontario and other provinces. Among Galen Weston’s first steps was to hire several exceptionally creative young managers, including Richard J. Currie, who before long was given responsibility for Loblaw Companies Ltd.’s retailing and wholesaling operation in North America. (Currie is now president of Loblaw and George Weston Ltd.) Box 1 Corporate Profile: George Weston Ltd. http//www.weston.ca at September 29, 1998 George Weston Limited, a broadly based Canadian company founded in 1882, operates in the food processing, food distribution, fisheries and forest products businesses in North America. 1997 sales were $14 billion Cdn. . . . George Weston Ltd. operates these diverse businesses through: Weston Food Processing, primarily a fresh and frozen bakery and a dairy and fish processor; Loblaw Companies Limited, the largest food distributor in Canada; and E.B. Eddy, a value-added forest products processor. George Weston Limited is committed to creating Currie revitalized the retail and wholesale value for its shareholders and to the belief that it operations. He had store interiors and exteriors should participate along with its more than refreshed with bold colors and installed theatrical 83,000 employees throughout its businesses, in intensity lighting to highlight products. A supporting the communities in which it operates. rigorous and imaginative corporate identity program made every Loblaw location and product instantly identifiable and set new standards for such programs in North America. Significant emphasis and effort was placed on private brands and for improving the quality of fresh foods. Visually attractive and contemporary promotional 5 n KPMG/University of Illinois Business Measurement Case Development and Research Program July 1999o materials and techniques complemented the merchandise and its presentation. The multi-faceted assault on customers’ attention worked. Customers flocked to the stores and the Loblaw renaissance was underway. Current...
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