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Unformatted text preview: ID st Te a) [10] Fill in the main routine below to configure mydev for an interrupt on ready to read, and to enable the interrupt so that it can occur as soon as the processor reaches label PSIT. Assume that the code after PSIT does not change the interrupt configuration of the processor or the device, but of course, it can read and write any registers and memory as allowed by the programming conventions for NIOS II. Downloader ID: 11691 Test ID: 3251 Downloader ID: 11691 Do wn lo ad .section .text .global main er ID : 11 69 1 main: er ID: 11691 # your code goes here movi r8, 0x1000 # enable IRQ12 wrctl ctl3, r8 movi r8, 0x10 # enable read interrupts on the device movia r9, 0xffff00 stwio r8, 4(r9) movi r8, 0x1 # enable interrupts on the CPU wrctl ctl0, r8 ID : wn st Do Te lo ad er ID : 11 69 1 Download 32 51 Downlo 11691 ader ID: 69 1 st ID : 32 51 Test ID: 3251 11 69 1 Do ad e r ID : 11 Downloader ID: 11691 Do wn lo ad er ID : wn lo er lo ad ID : Do wn 1 69 11 Test ID: 3251 69 : ad lo Do # Unknown code follows at this point 51 PSIT: ID : 32 …. Tes nl oa ID: 11691 t ID: 1 325 Do w Downloader de r ID : 11 Te 69 1 st -3 if device interrupts are not enabled -2 if the STW is there but either does not write to the right address or the r right value -3 if IRQ12 is not enabled (ctl3) -1 if the write for ctl3 is there but the value is not right -3 if interrupts are not enabled on the CPU (ctl0) -1 if the write to ctl0 is there but the value is incorrect Downloader ID: 11691 0 if no attempt was made er ID: 1169 1 load Down Do wn lo ad er ID : 11 69 1 Test ID: 3251 51 : ID st Te Oxdia @ This test is copyrighted by the uploader and/or course instructor. Downloader id is shown and also encrypted throughout the document. Test ID: 3251 Unauthorized reproduction/distribution is strictly prohibited. Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your discretion. 32 wn er ID 11 1 1 69 11 : ID er lo ad wn Do Page 8 of 11 Last Name (in case pages get detached):__________________ Do wn lo ad er ID : 11 69 1 b) [10] Assuming your answer in (a), the interrupt handler below will be invoked whenever a value is ready to read from mydev. Fill in the interrupt handler below to implement an “echo”, that is, whenever you receive a character, read it and then write it back as output. Write the instructions for each part of the handler under the associated comment. 1 6...
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