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Oxdiacom test id 3252 this test is copyrighted by the

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Unformatted text preview: so that they appear in numerical order with the register with the lower number appearing on the top of the stack. If a section is empty (there is no need for instructions in that section) then just write the comment “#empty”. 1 69 11 : ID er ad lo wn Do 1 69 ID ad : 11 er lo wn 52 Do ADDI SP, SP, __-12__ # PROLOGUE – REGISTER SAVING STORES GO HERE STW ra_, 8(SP) st ID : 32 FOO: 11 69 1 STW r16_, 4(SP) 2 325 t ID: Tes Do wn lo ad e r ID : # MAIN FUNCTION BODY ADD R16, R5, R6 ADD R16, R16, R4 # PRE-CALL, REGISTER SAVING STORES GO HERE Te st ID : STW r7_, 0(SP) 32 52 ID : 32 52 Down ID st Te : 32 52 CALL BOO # POST-CALL, REGISTER RESTORING LOADS GO HERE LDW r7_, 0_(SP) ADD R2, R7, R2 ADD R16, R16, R2 ADD R16, R16, R2 LDW R2, 0(R16) # EPILOGUE – REGISTER RESTORING LOADS GO HERE LDW r16_, _4_(SP) load 1169 1 ad er 11 69 1 st Te : ID r 52 32 : ID : ID Do wn lo 11 Te 69 1 st er ID: 2 325 t ID: nl oa de Tes Do w LDW ra_, _8_(SP) ADDI SP, SP, _12__ RET 691 -2 for any register not saved -2 for any register not restored at the right place or not restored at all -2 for incorrect indexing in the stack -1 for any incorrect stack adjustment (e.g., if +6 appears in the prologue and -6 in the epilogue subtract -2) -1 for mistakes that cause wrong execution OK if ADDI was changed to SUBI Ignore the actual ordering of registers in the stack as long as it is consistent. Tes t ID: 325 2 3252 Test ID: Oxdia @ http://www.oxdia.com This test is copyrighted by the uploader and/or course instructor. Downloader id is shown and also encrypted throughout the document. Unauthorized reproduction/distribution is strictly prohibited. Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your discretion. Test ID: 3252 load er ID: 1 1169 Tes t ID : 32 52 Page 10 of 11 Last Name (in case pages get detached):__________________ : 32 52 ID Te st Tes t ID: 325 8. [10] Interrupt Handling: There are several steps to properly initializing an 2 Downloader ID: 11691 Test ID: 3252 interrupt. Furthermore, when an interrupt happens several events occur. Put the following actions/events in proper order for both initialization and events that follow the occurrence of the interrupt (but before the interrupt handler starts executing). Simply give the ordered list of letters for each. Note that there are multiple correct orders, and that some items should be left out of the solution (i.e., there are decoys). Assume that PC contains the address of the instruction that was in the middle of executing when the interrupt was taken. Test ID: 3252 Test ID: 3252 A) the value of PC+4 is written to the ea register B) the value of PC is written to the ea register C) the ea register is copied to the PC D) ctl0 is copied to ctl1 E) ctl1 is copied to ctl0 F) the current instruction is aborted G) the current instruction completes execution H) interrupts are enabled at the device I) the PIE bit in ctl0 is set to 0 J) the PIE bit in ctl0 is set to 1 K) the appropriate bit of ctl3 (ienable) is set L) the PC is set to 0x1000020 M) ctl4 (ipending)...
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