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exam two csr

exam two csr - Corporate Social Responsibility Exam Two 1...

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Corporate Social Responsibility 11/11/2007 Exam Two 1. Systems thinking are an essential part of organizations in many ways including when we look at corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility is very important to our society and the success of businesses in today’s society and systems thinking is a large part of that. Systems thinking is when each individual part or aspect of a business is looked at as its own individual system. When each one of those systems acts individually a business does not act to its full potential. When each system works together for one common goal then the business can run more productively and in turn make more profit. It is essential to think of systems thinking when looking at corporate social responsibility because of interdependencies between different sections of a business that rely on each other to operate. When one section or system of a business shows poor social responsibility it reflects on the whole business and all other systems. If all systems or aspects of a business act socially responsibly it radiates through the entire business. 2. Scientific Management was developed by Frederick Winslow Taylor. Taylor developed scientific management theories by studying each individual in his organization and delegating the right responsibility for that employee to have. Taylor looked at each job within an organization and took down which skill set would be most well served in this job. Secondly he says to then make a list of
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employees that most embody the characteristics and abilities of that specific job. Thirdly Taylor looked to set specific standards on the methods used to perform a certain job. Taylor also recommends job specific training. He also believed in staggering breaks for employees so that production would never be halted, and also was in favor of increased wages and bonuses for increased output of employees. The scientific management theories are best utilized in a manufacturing business environment especially because of the bonuses given for increased production. Total quality management is a strategy aimed at
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exam two csr - Corporate Social Responsibility Exam Two 1...

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