Shopping at home 3 tv shopping channels a little bit

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Unformatted text preview: hildren or small number of children • have their own money • significant focus on typical shopper (middle–age women) 7. diversity: ↑ • culture/ethnicity • Maritime: British • Quebec: French 8. new life style consumer groups: geo-demographic • Green: environmental friendly • Gay • Grey: elderly people 9. mobility: significant ↑ • automobile ownership ↑ • population more mobile, travel more distances • Example: Mega-plexes, small number of large destinations, require people to be mobile 8 Non-Store Retailing The rise of e-commerce and the end of geography? NO! 1. Catalogue shopping • cost of fulfillment – get the products right away – catalogue: supplier pay cost • delivery cost 2. shopping at home 3. TV shopping channels • A little bit of interaction 4. E-retailing c D. Wang & C.Zhao, 2006 16 8 8.1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. NON-STORE RETAILING E-retailing immense potential: 68% household have internet access (2004) also disproportionately high income highly educated and youthful save on physical infrastructure of stores, etc. more penetration in urban than rural, ironically But • of e-commerce, 75% is B2B • only 0.8% of total retail sales (2004) is via internet, but fast growing (most people use it...
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