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Unformatted text preview: 56 ( d) 3¿16 - 2 = 766 15. C (13,2)C(4,2)C(4,2)¿44 = 1 23,552 16. 1 3¿4¿C(12,2)¿4¿4 = 54,912 17. 13¿C(4,2)C(12,3)¿4¿4¿4 = 1,098,240 18. 13¿48 = 624 Topic 5 Unions, Intersections, and Complements (Based on 4.3 in book) Events may often be described in terms of other events, using set operations. An example is the negation of an event E, the event that E does not occur. If in a particular experiment E does not occur, then the outcome of that experiment is not in E, so is in its complement (in S). It is called Ec and...
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