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Unformatted text preview: were outweighed by Cold War threat of communism Relationships with oppressive regimes/dictators who were staunchly anti­communist Jimmy Carter tried to address and reverse this trend, but was soundly defeated National security concerns have also placed human rights issues on the ‘back burner’ The ‘War on Terror’ has also seen an alarming reduction of some HR’s; this is especially true with the Patriot Act of 2001 The United States (cont’d.) The United States (cont’d.) We also have our own domestic human rights issues: Our health care system is abysmal, failing to provide for its most vulnerable Homelessness is a growing issue for the richest nation in the world The increasing disenfranchisement of the poor; with it, the widening gap between the Have’s and the Have­not’s The Definition of Rights The Definition of Rights: Those conditions necessary for a person to become fully what God intends you to be Are accorded by virtue of your humanity, and thus CANNOT be surrendered There are 2 types of rights: 1. Survival 2. Thrival What types of things constitute these rights? The dignity of the human person, realized in community, would become the cornerstone of Catholic social thought and its theory on HR’s This is reinforced in the primary and secondary documents of CST The D...
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